To Kathleen Little Leaf, Columbus Day "as a whole encompasses racism."

"The historical perspective of Columbus Day is horrible," said Little Leaf, an organizer with Indian People's Action. READ MORE


On a cold winter night on January 22, 71-year-old grandmother Carol Marsh sat down in front of a megaload-sized vehicle hauling tar sands processing equipment through Missoula, Mont., en route to Canada. While more than 40 other protesters watched from the street’s edges, Marsh informed the police traveling with the load that she did not intend to move. After about five minutes Marsh was arrested, having temporarily delayed the load and driven up the cost of transporting it through Montana to the tar sands region of Alberta. READ MORE


“Thank God for Judge Gonzales Rogers,” said Blackfeet tribal member Lita Pepion, who sits on the board of Indian People’s Action. Last year, the advocacy group and three more Native plaintiffs sued to ensure that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals preserved hundreds of derogatory emails sent by Richard Cebull, a former Montana chief federal judge. Now another federal jurist, U.S. District Court Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, has ordered the Ninth Circuit to safeguard the messages until January 2019.  READ MORE

Sarah van Gelder: Let’s start with the present. What is the Indian Peoples Action and how did it form?

George Price: It’s a Montana-based organization working on multiple fronts: native rights, anti-discrimination, the injustice in the justice system. Native people make up a little over 6 percent of the population of the state of the Montana, but over 30 percent of the incarcerated population. READ MORE