Youth Leadership Through Art

Native Youth Art in Action

Native Youth Art in Action

Native Youth Arts in Action is a project of Indian Peoples Action designed to harness the passion and creativity of our youth enrolled in Montana tribes for social change. This youth leadership program brings youth with talent to learn firsthand from some of the leading Indigenous artists of the Plains about how they position their work, challenge stereotypes and are making national and international reputations as working artists.

Developed in collaboration with the Creative Indigenous Collective, NYAA selects young Native artists from Montana’s reservations to attend the Montana Folk Festival, participate in mentoring and arts programs some of the Great Plain’s leading Native artists, as well as local artists from Butte and develop and display their work. This five-day program exposes young artists to new techniques as well as sharing stories on the business of art from artists gaining regional and national recognition. The Imagine Butte Resource Center (IBRC) — provided the young artists with the experience of gallery operations and of a working community of artists’ studios.

Special appearance by Supaman. He came and gave the youth an inspirational pep talk.




Across the country, tribal members have filed suits alleging that state laws and county election practices intentionally make it harder to vote on reservations. 

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